"I want to continue to be the kind of leader who listens and responds to the concerns of those I represent. I want to address issues that really matter. I want to find solutions to problems that will help people living here have a better quality of life. I will be the kind of leader that will "do something." I want to represent where I've lived all my life: West Philadelphia and the corridors of our district without bias. That’s why I’m running for state representative."

- Danyl Patterson

Danyl Patterson is running for State Representative in Pennsylvania's 190th District in West Philadelphia. In Harrisburg, Danyl will stand up for better schools, safer streets, criminal justice reform, and economic opportunity.

On Tuesday, June 2, 2020 VOTE Danyl Patterson for State Representative. 

Danyl is an avid Philadelphia Sports fan and a die hard Eagles fan, a legacy passed down from generations of Philly Eagles fans!


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Pennsylvania's 190th District

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Cedar Park
Mill Creek
Carroll Park
Cathedral Park
East Parkside
West Powelton
West Belmont
Wynnefield Heights
Five Points
West Allegheny

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