Attorney Danyl Patterson has been fighting for our community through her actions in legal representation and mentoring the very community she was raised in: West Philadelphia. 

Attorney Patterson understood the importance of keeping her roots here in the 190th District so that the legacy started by her beloved parents would flourish in pride. Many of the issues Attorney Danyl Patterson holds dear are testaments to the leader she is and the woman we can trust. Over the past 10 years, what the 190th has been without is someone who can unite and bring back the resources our community has gone without. What we deserve is someone who will do better for us! Our choice and trust is in Attorney Danyl Patterson.

As a businesswoman with 20 years of professional legal service experience, Danyl knows the importance of hard work and putting people first. In the Legislature, we can count on Danyl to fight for policies that keep our families together, put Philadelphians back to work, and create more opportunities for all of us.


For many Pennsylvanians, ensuring economic stability is at the top of our concerns. I believe the government has a responsibility to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to achieve the stability they strive for.

I support a fair tax policy that does not provide tax cuts for the wealthiest Pennsylvanians at the expense of our working class.

I believe in equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender or race.

I oppose so-called "right to work" legislation and that hurts labor unions and will always advocate for collective bargaining rights for public and private workers.

I support fair wages and increases to Pennsylvania’s minimum wage. The minimum wage has not risen to meet the rates of inflation and is simply too low to support our working families.

Job creation for Pennsylvanians will prosper only if we create and maintain an educated workforce, improve infrastructure and transportation and increase technology access for our residents.

I support fostering economic development by eliminating unnecessary red-tape for startups and creating incentives for businesses that directly address pressing needs of Pennsylvanians.

I believe Pennsylvania needs to support the Local Government Funds to keep local governments solvent and making permanent the existing tax revenues that fund public schools set to expire within the next year.

Affordable Housing

The housing affordability crisis facing Pennsylvania is harming people up and down the income scale. Potential homebuyers are unable to find houses they can afford due to low housing supply, which reduces their choices or drives them into the rental market. Rental costs are spiking, driving tenants from their homes, and causing overcrowding in the available low-cost apartments. Low-cost apartments increasingly mean substandard, even dangerous housing, because in today's sellers' housing market some owners feel no incentive to meet responsibilities. Individuals and families at the lower end of the rental market are being driven to homelessness by their inability to find affordable rents.

In addition to the humanitarian cost, the housing shortage endangers our economy by compelling residents and students to leave the Commonwealth to find a lower cost of living, depriving local businesses of workers.

Pennsylvania, like many other states, is facing a housing crisis that is affecting people of all income levels. There is a shortage of homes and rents are one of the fastest-growing in the nation. Danyl will fight for better zoning, caps on rent increases, and the development of more affordable housing units.

Criminal Justice and Gun Violence

Reforming our criminal justice system is a response to gun violence. It is the civil rights issue of our time, and we need a representative for the 190th that we can trust will do what's best for all of our families. West Philadelphia is no stranger to crime and its impact and Danyl Patterson has the insight, legal system experience, and the fight to fundamentally transform the system for the better.

At its best, the system serves to hold serious wrongdoers accountable and achieve justice for crime survivors, while helping to build safer and healthier communities. At its worst, decades of failed policies have created an unjust, unequal, and vastly expansive system that disproportionately harms communities of color and criminalizes individuals just because they are poor. It is long past time to re-envision public safety by strengthening and supporting our communities and drastically limiting the number of people we expose to our criminal justice system. Attorney Patterson fundamentally believes in the following immediate implementations to gain the trust and respect of many of our community members. 1) End mass incarceration and making evidence-based investments in our communities to make them safer, healthier, and stronger, and 2) ensure that law enforcement is accountable to the communities they are sworn to protect.

Mass Incarceration

In order to address mass incarceration, Patterson understands the laws are not fitting for most of the crimes being committed and ; understands the prejudice seen by those she has represented. Patterson first believes in supporting urging Congress to pass the Reverse Mass Incarceration Act. It would encourage a 20 percent reduction in imprisonment nationwide. Danyl, as our representative, will make sure there is oversight and transparency. In addition, Patterson supports release programs identified for women and other targeted populations along with a review on all bail programs statewide.

By supporting and implementing such Act, Danyl understands this would have four components to measure expected outcomes:

  1. A new federal grant program of $20 billion over 10 years in incentive funds to states.
  2. A requirement that states that reduce their prison population by 7 percent over a three-year period without an increase in crime will receive funds.
  3. A clear methodology based on population size and other factors to determine how much money states receive.
  4. A requirement that states invest these funds in evidence-based programs proven to reduce crime and incarceration.

Environmental Justice & Smart Growth

Attorney Danyl Patterson supports two equity goals: Strong Communities/People and Great Places with Equitable Access.

Six Equity Drivers are key to achieving equity objectives:

  1. Advance economic opportunity. Promote economic opportunities for marginalized populations and enhance community cultural anchors. Provide access to quality education, training, and living-wage career paths.
  2. Prevent residential, commercial, and cultural displacement. Enact policies and programs that allow marginalized populations, businesses, and community organizations to stay in their neighborhoods.
  3. Build on local cultural assets. Respect local community character, cultural diversity, and values. Preserve and strengthen cultural communities and build the capacity of their leaders, organizations, and coalitions to have greater self-determination.
  4. Promote transportation mobility and connectivity. Prioritize investment in effective and affordable transportation that supports transit-dependent communities.
  5. Develop healthy and safe neighborhoods. Create neighborhoods that enhance community health through access to public amenities, healthy, affordable and culturally relevant food, and safe environments for everyone.
  6. Enable equitable access to all neighborhoods. Leverage private developments to fill gaps in amenities, expand the supply and variety of housing and employment choices, and create equitable access to neighborhoods with high access to opportunity.

She stands committed and ready to...

  • Attract new high-paying employers.
  • Deliver more opportunities for our children by fully funding public schools and make colleges, universities, and vocational schools more affordable.
  • Protect access to quality, affordable health care, and invest in rehabilitation and treatment centers to combat the opioid epidemic.
  • Crackdown on harassment, fight for equal pay, and paid family leave and protect benefits for our seniors and veterans.
  • Lower the Cost of Prescription Drugs
  • Improve and Strengthen Obamacare
  • Vote to Ban Assault Weapons
  • Work to Build Safer Communities
  • Expand Access to Quality Education
  • Reduce Student Loan Debt
  • Fight Against Unfair Labor Practices
  • Fight for Sensible Immigration Reform
  • Protect and Preserve Our Environment
  • Preserve Social Security

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